Monday, January 11, 2010

A Cake Fit for a Princess

I'm taking creative liberties with this week's ALL ABOUT MEme....
It's SUPPOSE to be all about MY most memorable birthday.  Well, I'm sleep deprived and I can't remember much past the last few days.  Just so happens, we had a Birthday party on Saturday, so I'm going to tell you about that.  K?

I LOVE Birthdays too, so go check out MommyBrain (wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, it was yesterday) and SupahMommy and see MORE birthday fun!

Princess Klaire Turned ONE this past week!
She is a very Special Princess who not only is our niece,
but Randy's goddaughter too!

I was so very honored when my SIL asked if I would like to make her birthday cake.  I'm no Duff, but I like to try my hand at a birthday cake every now and again. 
(No classes or special skills required to make my cakes)
I have lots of friends who are much more professional about their cake-making....
I just do it for fun, so don't be offended by my horrible ability to frost.
What I lack in clean lines, I make up for in decor,
and by decor I mean CANDY!
I got the idea for this cake from Family Fun HERE
It honestly was just the idea, because I ended up contructing and decorating it on the fly.
But, if you'd like to see how the professionals do it, you can watch that video.

I started with the decor pieces.  I've never been too impressed with my piping abilites when it comes to putting the finishing touches on a cake.  I don't have the fancy bags and tips....just a Ziploc baggy with the corner snipped off.  So, I excited myself when I thought to to the "piping" work ahead of time with white chocolate.  This way it was all hardened and ready to put on the cake when I finished mutilating frosting it.

I personally think it turned out better than the one in the video....
but, I'm a bit biased.

Those are Strawberry Milkshake Whoppers lining the bottom and the pink Skittles from the Crazy Color Skittles pack around the top cone tower :)

WELCOME to Your Humble Castle, Klaire!

Now that you're 1, you can DIVE right in!

And here's the Back:
Bird's Eye View
.....don't poop on the cake, please birdie.
Oh, look, it even made the 1 1/2 hour car ride...phew!


...I think she likes it....
mmmm....let's see how it tastes.

Samantha, Klaire, and Roark (see, real men wear pink!)

It's so gratifying when your customers give you the seal of approval:
(okay, I don't think she really giving me the thumbs up, but the camera doesn't I'm going with it)

also linkin' up with Cheri at It's So Very Cheri today!


  1. Whew, that is one impressive cake! And Klaire is definitely smiling and has frosting on her face, so you WIN. Well done!

  2. That is such a pretty princess cake for a special and beautiful little girl!

  3. Awww.. what a cutie pie and AWESOME job on the cake, Aunt BJ! You ROCK! :o)

  4. Awesome job on the cake! Looks like the pretty princess really enjoyed it!

  5. That cake will be more special than any cake you could've bought. :) It' S AWESOME!

    and she's toooo cute....

    love the polka dots


  6. that came out great!! love the thumbs up! haha

  7. I cant imagine anything prettier! You are VERY talented and creative and I LOVE your cake!! And your little girl is one??? AHHH!! Seems like just yesterday...

    Happy Birthday sweet girl!


  8. You did a great job on the cake!! :) And your niece is adorable, I think you definitely got her approval!

  9. Great Job on the cake! She's so cute!

  10. Oh her cake is just precious. You will have to go look at the cake I just did for Miss G4 (she turned 3 on the 6th) I think the post is last Sunday showing her cake. It is precious and sweet but hilarious too--you will love it.


  11. That's a GREAT cake... well, done YOU!

  12. Once again I have pink and pretty envy... I don't think my sons would be that impressed if I pulled that one of the cupboard! I love it....!



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