Friday, August 6, 2010

I Wanna Talk About ME! ME! ME! ME!

It's been awhile since I've played in a good ol' fashioned blog tag.

Good thing I've recently met a new friend: Kimberly from Bugaboo, Mr., Mini, & Me

It's a little survey.  8 Questions.  Then I'm to tag 8 other bloggers with my own questions.

Sometimes I cringe at these games, but I'm TOTALLY in the mood today.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Here goes:

Who’s your favorite musician/band?

Startin' out with a tough one, Kimberly....I'm going to give you more than one because I like a lot of different kind of music.  I listen to mostly country music (you may have noticed if you swing by here on Sundays for my SAY IT WITH A SONG party)  So my fave country artist(s) at the moment would be: Sugarland.
On the other hand...I'm a BON JOVI lifer!  and I'm OBSESSED with pretty much everything they cover makes me smile.
What was your worst job EVER?
I'd have to go with my first restaurant job.  It was at an Annie's.  Do they still have those?  Well, I was only there for a month, but it.was.horrible.  The staff was mean.  The management was re-DUNK-ulous. I.hated.every.second.
If you could pick a fancy stage name what would it be and why?
I have no idea.  I guess I already have a "Stage name" as BJ MAMA.  I love it.  The hubster gave me a hard time about it for a loooong time, but it's just my initials...and I am a what's the big deal?!?!?
Are you a night owl or a(n annoying) morning person?
Well, I work night I'm a night owl in that sense.  When I'm not working, I fall asleep before 9pm easily. I also wake up pretty early...usually in a good mood. (in comparison to Randizzle...I wake up as Freakin' Mary Poppins!  So I would say I'm a morning person too)  I guess I'm all-around wonderful in every way.
Okay, really, when I'm tired...(or hungry for that matter) I am a BEAST.  i admit it.
Finish this sentence: home is.....
my favorite place on earth.

Have you ever laughed so hard you cried? When was the last time and what set it off?
Does it count if I laughed so hard I peed?  Because these days, that's almost every time I giggle.  (kidding....kind of)  I think I'd have to say I laughed so hard I cried was on a Girls' Weekend I had with my sisters-in-law.  They crack me up!
What is your super power of choice?
Nothing fancy....I just wanna FLY!
Have you ever known someone so well you could finish their sentences? Who?
The Hubster: Randizzle.  I do it all the time...and he HATES IT!  oops.  Sometimes, he just doesn't talk fast enough.

Now for My Questions:
1. If you were one of the 7 dwarfs, which one would you be?
2. What is your favorite room in your house, and why?
3. What item is at the TOP of your wish list? (something for you alone, not your family)
4. If you could be on a TV show, which cast would you want to join?
5. Is there a class (high school or college) that you wish you would have tried harder/paid more attention in?
6. What's your FAVORITE summer drink?
7.  How many pillows do you sleep with?
8. If you had a personalized license plate...what would it say?

Julie of The Foursons
Mindy of Mindy Kuen
Officially Mrs. of Thirty something?

And if I didn't tag would still be REALLY Sweet if you'd pick one of the questions and leave a comment! 

New Friend Fridays

Because I LOVE learning New Things about YOU!


  1. Visiting you from Trendy Treehouse and Follow Friday.

    Cute blog!!


  2. What the ... ? My feelings are officially hurt. I send your daughter a birthday present - made with my own two not-so-crafty hands. I redesign your blog. I neglect my own blog for an entire month. And this is the thanks I get! Geez!!

  3. 8. If you had a personalized license plate...what would it say?

    the first two things that came to my mind are actblncd or notathom (act balanced or not at home...)

    luv the idea of 8 questions, and glad to know more about you :)

  4. I really had to post about something else, so I am going to post this tag another day, K???

    My husband would of never let your "Stage Name" go, he would forever torment you about it <--true story.

  5. Thanks for tagging me, let me think on my answers. :)

  6. great! Thanks for playing along! :)

  7. Thanks for tagging me! :-) So--does this mean I create a post around these fun questions, and tag 8 people?

    I cringe even as I type this...Forgive me for being so simple (uh, stupid?). I am new at all of this!



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