Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Letter From Mommy

My dearest Samantha Brynn,
I can't believe you turn 3 today!  Where has the time gone?  It seems even more surreal as we are approaching the birth of your new baby brother or sister...I feel like only yesterday you arrived into our world.
You can never imagine the depth of love your mommy and daddy feel for you!  What's even more amazing is how proud of you we are!  You have learned so much in this last year.  Just in the past few weeks you are discovering how powerful words can be.  You've always been one to do things when you are ready (your 1st tooth erupting at 13 months, not walking until 19 months....)  Now you are expressing yourself through language more & more.  It makes us so happy....yet even without words, you bring joy to everyone you meet!
Your smile lights up each room you enter, and don't even get me started on your giggle!  (You have me in tears almost every other day!)
The most heart-warming part of you, though, is your compassion.  You cannot stand by while another child cries without comforting them.  And what's even more amazing, you know when I need a hug or a kiss, or even just a "rub" and an "It's okay, Mommy"  Your intuition astounds me!
You are going to be a Wonderful Big Sister! 
You are already the most Amazing Daughter!
Thank you for being YOU!
Happy 3rd Birthday, Sweet Girl!

Love & Kisses,


  1. AWw Happy Birthday little one.. She is a doll baby..

  2. happy birthday to the big girl!!!! :o)

  3. Awe, Happy Birthday to that sweet, sweet girl!

  4. Happy Birthday dear Samantha! After crying through this post I can only say that it goes DOUBLE! Like daughter like mother! Two incredible young ladies! I LOVE you both!! XXXXOOOO



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