Thursday, September 9, 2010

Craft Hope: Pillowcases

Have you heard of:
Craft Hope Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time

It's this awesome project blog where crafters are asked to donate their love of crafts & time for those less fortunate.   Every "round" a new craft project & charity is chosen to make handmade items for....and ANYONE can participate.  They explain it better than I can, though.

This is my first time Crafting for Hope, and I can tell you right now--I WILL do it again.  It was so easy and FUN!

Project 9 is PILLOWCASES for
which provides Bright & Cheerful Pillowcases to Children who are terminally ill.
They even provide you with an easy tutorial to sew one up in a SNAP!
I'll tell you, the hardest part was picking out fabric...SO MANY CHOICES!

Another Wonderful Feature of this Project is you find your regional coordinator to donate your pillowcases they go to children right in your NEIGHBORHOOD!

If you are able, I'd LOVE if you'd join me and sew up a pillowcase or 2!
My mom and I made these 4 in less than an hour...
and I HOPE they will provide MANY YEARS of smiles when they reach the blessed little heads that will rest on them!


  1. k, i'm trying again...
    my sister and i have been trying to find some time to make some! love the fabric you chose, i'm sure the recipients will really appreciate them!!

  2. BJ-
    I'm me the particulars.....I kept meaning to see what/when the new CH project was...thanks for reminding me...

  3. Oh what a wonderful idea! I will head right over there to check it out!

  4. That's awesome! I just barely got the book, my mom ordered for me. Have you seen it? So cool, and so many projects and charities listed. I had no idea there was a blog dedicated to it! Your four pillowcases are adorable! My mom and I are going to make the pillowcase dresses listed in the book first. :)

  5. Some kids are going to be soooo thrilled with those!



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