Monday, October 18, 2010

Cashton, Child of God

Blessed Little Boy

September 13, 2010
Pastor & Mrs. G visited us at the hospital to administer the Sacrament of Holy Baptism on the day of his birth, and Cashton Randall became a Child of God.

and on

October 17, 2010
We celebrated with our friends and family the
Affirmation of  his Baptism
at our church.

 With Cake:
 (Please try to ignore the obvious cracks in the frosting from transport and focus on the AWESOME white chocolate lettering I whipped up)
Tip: if you're not super talented with piping frosting to decorate cake, melt chocolate and pipe what you'd like onto a sheet of waxed paper.  When it hardens you can transfer it right onto the cake using frosting or extra chocolate as "glue".....and you can color it too :) AND you can print out letters (like I did) or pictures to place underneath the waxed paper to trace so everything is uniform

Every big day has to have an outfit, right?
Cashton's Grandma (my mom) is a Wonder with a sewing machine!
Look at this!
 Presenting Cashton:

and one more "big day" tip:
Unfortunately, sometimes celebrations get a little hectic.  Even if you LOVE taking lots of pictures (like me)  Sometimes, all the excitement and hoopla overwhelm you, and you can't find your camera...or you're stressed out....or you're trying to entertain....whatever gets in your way of taking all those GREAT shots:

1. Enjoy your family.
2. Ask everyone else to take photos and then BEG them to send you the copies
3. Dress the little one in his outfit the next day while the 3 year-old is at school (or taking a nap) and take your photos then.

Here's what we captured this morning:

Cashton Randall


  1. what a sweet little face!! awesome cake too! i just did the white chocolate thing for our fire prevention cupcakes!

  2. May God surround and protect your little Cashton always!

  3. Great idea of taking pictures the next day. Happy Baptism Cashton!

  4. Great smile Cashton! God bless you always!



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