Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mom...if you're not going to blog...


So, my Mom is "too busy" to blog these days. 
I don't know what her problem is....
she only has TWO kids! 
We're not that much work!
I mean, just because I refuse to be potty trained...
Cashton sometimes sleeps for 3 while hours at a time!

Just because I have been practicing my human tornado skills with all the clothes in my room...and toys in the rest of the house...
Cashton only spits up every OTHER feeding and gives her a heart attack cuz she thinks he's choking!
(I NEVER spit up, by the way)

I really don't know what her excuse is.
I'll talk to her.
She'll be better at it....
I'm taking over this blog!



  1. Dearest Sam, You are too cute! Please feel free to take over at MommyBrain while you're at it :)

    xoxo from the NW!

  2. Awww... Sam, cut your mama a break girlfriend! Someday you will be in the same boat. But I do love the guest post every now and then!

  3. Dear Samantha, now that you are blogging so you think you can answer questions too?
    Cut mom a little slack, she wasn't blogging when you were Cashton's age, she didn't have a 3 year old tornado, nor was she crafting as much and heck taking care of daddy is a much bigger job than it used to be!

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