Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Book Countdown: Collect Them NOW!

I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but remember, I'm counting down to Thanksgiving too! 

This is something I found over at the Idea Room.  The idea is using Christmas Books as your Advent Countdown.  Unfortunately, I am not patient enough to collect my books one by one over many years....but I found out, I don't have to wait...and neither do you!

Start building your book collection today:
  • Look on your book shelves.  If you have kids, you have Christmas Books.  Take them off the shelf and put them in a pile.
  • Hit the Thrift Stores.  I found MANY popular (and not so popular) Christmas books at Goodwill, St. Vinny's and 2nd hand children's stores. 
  • Want to buy?  There are plenty of deals in the stores right now!

Wrap each book individually in Christmas wrapping paper.  Do this now, and as you collect.  That way, it will be a surprise to you too!


I would start with 25 and work your way backwards.  That way, if you don't get all 25 days covered, you'll still have them each day leading up to Christmas from the day you start.

THEN, when that first day of December Comes...
Your children get to rip open a book everyday, and you all get to sit down as a family a read it!  The anticipation to Christmas is INTOXICATING!  Embrace it!

*My special notes
  • I wasn't very picky about which books I got.  Basically if it was about Christmas, I grabbed it....thinking it would be hard to find 25 books on a budget.  I plan on replacing some of them with new books as the years go on and we find our favorites
  • We have everything from Jesus to Santa, Shepherds to Elves....inspiring and silly.  MIX it UP!

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  1. S-U-P-E-R idea! I love it! I happen to have to go to the thrift store tonight to drop off toys that my kids don't know I packed up on them :)
    I'll be looking for books tonight!



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