Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Girly-Twirly Skirt

We have more than one little girly-girl in our family...and this year some of them are getting a fun girly-twirly skirt for Christmas.  (I'll show you the one that I'm sure neither this little princess or her mommy read my blog, but don't be surprised if your little girl gets something similar)

My favorite part about this skirt is I didn't have to cut the fabric for it. :)
This obviously only works well if you're making a skirt in the 24m to 3T maybe 4T sizes.

The top part is just 1/4yd of your choice of cotton and the accent bottom strip is part of a jelly roll (strips cut in approx. 2.5"x44")

Everything can be done with a simple straight stitch.
1. Sew 2 strips of the jelly roll together along the 44" side (right sides together)
2. Flip them right sides out and iron. (this is the nice finished hem of the skirt)
3. Sew the un-finished edge of the strip to the 1/4yd fabric.
4. Iron flat....and you may want to top stitch it for a clean look
5. Go to the top of the skirt and fold over to make a pocket for your elastic.  Sew it down.
6. Bring the edges of the skirt together and sew it just up to the elastic pocket.
7.Choose the length of your elastic (depending on the waist size of the child)
8. Use a safety pin to help thread your elastic through....
9. And sew it closed!


and I lied a little.
I cut off a little strip to make some hair accessories

I Hope She Likes It!

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  1. Cute! Now that I have a machine I really need to sew.

  2. that is so super cute! I wish I was brave enough to try it. I am such a scaredy cat when it comes to sewing :)



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