Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cashton: 3 months old

This kid just won't stop growing!
And we are so happy about it!

Cashton is weighing in at about 16 pounds...
(I say about because i weighed him by weighing myself with and without him in my arms...I was hoping the difference was 20+ pounds more, but I'll settle for a growing boy over a shrinking mama)

Or maybe it's his letter "C" that keeps shrinking!

Cashton still exclusively nurses...and I mean EXCLUSIVELY, in that he has refused the bottle.  We need to start working on that a little harder. 
This also means that the nights that I am at work, he does not eat in the middle of the night.  Sometimes he wakes up for it; sometimes he doesn't.
He has woken up to nurse every night I am home.  He's got a nose for mommy!

What are YOU laughin' at?!?!

At 3 months, Cashton is sleeping anywhere from 7-10 hours straight at night.  Waking up to nurse (when available) and then falling back to sleep for a few more hours.
He still takes sporadic naps throughout the day, and his favorite nap spot: the car seat!  Riding along to take Samantha to school really wears a guy out!

Cash is chalked FULL of personality! 

I just couldn't resist this hat (it's just like Daddy's)
and his eyes!


brilliant blue...and oh so deep...

HAPPY 3 Months, Buddy!


  1. He is SOOOO handsome. I can't believe he is 16 lbs already. Wow! He sure is growing fast. Mehret is about 11 lbs now. I'm so sad how fast they grow. I'm dying to see him in person. Really, what's taking us so long?

  2. He is such a cutie pie and I Love the pics.. How adorable..

  3. I see a bit of trouble in the facial expression of his first picture. I think he sleeping so well because is resting up to reek havoc when his is mobile :D

  4. He is so handsome! Thanks for sharing some pics!!

  5. Moms of boys are allowed to say this: Gosh he is beautiful!

    And I love the hat! Don't give up on 'em - my 4-year old still wears his all the time!

    And what a nice little guy - deciding he can wait until you get home on the nights that you're not available for a snack!

  6. OMG, he is the cutest!! I LOVE that first pic, I had to call my hubby over and show him!

  7. He is gorgeous! And passed CJV up on the pound-age ... he's got more than two pounds on her! Love all the photos - you're getting so darn good ... with a cute and cooperative subject, I bet you're having so much fun! XOX from NW



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