Monday, December 20, 2010

Let Them Play with Scissors

Today Samantha came home with the most beautiful Christmas Tree she made at school.
She started working with an Occupational Therapist this past week...and one of the activities to help with some hand coordination and strength is working with scissors.

But as I was saying, she rocked it...
and brought home this tree.

I matted it on some scrapbook paper and framed it.

What a great addition to our Christmas Decorations!


  1. Way to cut, Sam!

    Way to scrap and frame, B!

    P.S. I just got NHV some great scissors that have a little "kick" to help return them to the open position - they work so much better for her and they aren't scary sharp :)

  2. That is impressive! We have scissors but I am always so afraid to bring them out...Z loves them though :)

  3. I absolutely love that you matted it and framed it. I have so many pictures/projects that maggie has done that just get tossed or have no place of special. You made that cute little tree look like a true piece of art. LOVE IT!



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