Monday, January 31, 2011

Are you a Hungry Girl?

Have you heard of THE Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillian? 

I just found her...I know, I'm late to the party.

But I'll buy anything from you, if you can give me a recipe swap for McDonald's McCafe Caramel Frappe!  NO JOKE.

For the past week and half, I've been able to make my own Frappes at home with ONLY 158 calories as opposed to 450! 

I also tried out these BROWNIES....

1 Devil's Food Cake Mix
1 can of Pure Pumpkin
That's it!

Baked in a Cupcake Tin.  DELICIOUS!

So, needless to say, you can find LOTS of great recipes on-line, but I went and bought one of her books.

Today, I've already tried: The Egg Mug Mexicali for Breakfast and a Cheesy Beefy Supreme Wrap for Lunch.


  1. I'm late to the party too, but I'm going to have to check that out!

    The pumpkin & choc cake is one of my favorite "recipes," and it's great with other cake flavors too. One of my favorites (besides all things choc) is to use a spice cake. I usually make mine in a bundt pan since the cake is so rich & I can cut smaller pieces (with my pan, it's about 100 calories for the small "ridges" and about 200 for the large "ridges") than I would get with cupcakes.


    you can love me later...she's from WI too!

  3. i've had her 20 0under 200 on the shelf for a may be time to bust it out again!!! :o)

  4. Ohmygosh! Ohmygosh! Ohmygosh! I totally tried some of her stuff for the first time this weekend! Yum! I tried the cakemix/sodapop combinations for a church potluck. I might say that devil's food cake mix + 12 oz Dr. Pepper = HEAVEN!!!!!

  5. I've heard so many good things about her and now that I don't have any dietary restrictions from nursing....I will have to check it out!

  6. Thanks for the love!!! XXOXOOXOOOXOX Lisa aka HG

  7. I'm intrigued ... you had me at devil's food cake and can of pumpkin :)



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