Friday, January 14, 2011

Cashton: 4 months

That is pretty much all we hear these days...

I am a proud mama of a blue-eyed child (at least for now).  Daddy thinks he's going to keep 'em too!  Oh, I hope so...especially because I've been getting a LOT of "He looks so much like you!" from Cashton's adoring fans, and, frankly, I don't want that to stop. :)  Add to that...his hair is getting liiiighter!!!!
His sleep schedule is still kind of molded around everyone else's.  When I have to bundle him up to go out of the house, he passes out.  He'll sleep in his car seat for hours.  At nighttime he's an angel just like Samantha was.  We can lay him down, wide awake, turn his music on....I'd say 50% of the time, he drifts off to dreamland on his own. 25% of the time he falls asleep while nursing....and the other 25% he needs just a little rocking and love to calm down....then off he goes.   He still smells mama...and wakes up to nurse 3 out of 5 nights that I'm home.  He still does NOT take a bottle.  That is our goal for month #5.  So maybe I can have a night out ;)

Yeah, you think that's funny!?!?!

Happy baby doesn't even begin to describe this little man.  His smile lights up every room he's in...and as of right now, EVERYONE in EVERY room sees it, because there's no way Cash will miss a thing!  I would say "prefer", but the more appropriate word for it is DEMAND.  Cashton DEMANDS to face out.  In fact, the Ergo carrier I was so excited to purchase before our Disney Trip was completely useless.  If he wasn't in the stroller, I was carrying him, facing OUT, all week. awesome.

Cashton is GROWING like a WEED!  I know I shouldn't compare our children, but in size, they are just so drastically different from each other, it's hard not to.  I won't be able to give you Cash's official length and weight until next week (after his well-check), but I can tell you that his daddy is estimating him tipping the scales at 20 pounds plus!  He eats well.  Still strictly breast-fed.

He enjoys sucking on his fists, being tickled, laughing at himslef in the mirror, and long walks on the beach.
He is alllllmost rolling over from his back to front

But, ladies, there is already one little girl that has captured ALL of his heart...and attention:
And when Sam is not trying to make him giggle...
she's teaching him how to color.



  1. You can compare them as long as that doesn't make you freak out. FYI, There are probably several reasons his size is different from Samantha, but just being a boy can make a difference. My daughter grows nothing like any of her brothers, not remotely similar.

  2. sorry, Bubby published before I was finished

    He is absolutely adorable and I can't blame him for wanting to ALWAYS looking out. You miss tons if you are only looking in.

  3. AHHH, he is sooo cute. He does look JUST like you. There was a picture of him from a few posts ago that was ALL YOU! So jealous that you got to go to Disney and enjoy some warm weather. We haven't been since Preston was 2.5 (and Kalayna was in utero). Now it would be quite the trip with 5 kiddos, but such a blast. Anyways, I just can't believe how much Cashton is growing. I guess Mehret will have so stand in line behind Sam. The 2 would make quite the couple though. All Mehret does is SMILE SMILE SMILE. She falls asleep on her own. And, she WILL NOT take a bottle either. Hmmm!!! Love the bumbo seat, don't you?

  4. ok, the picture where he looks just like you is where he is sitting in the sink right after you got to Disney. JUST.LIKE.YOU.

  5. He is beautiful. And yes, I call boys beautiful. As babies, there is just no better word sometimes. Enjoy him, I know you know how fast they grow!



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