Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 1: Animal Kingdom

I've decided that I will narrow down my pictures to a TOP TEN (give or take 5-10 or so) everyday.  Trust me...you'll thank me later.  I took over 1500 shots this week...and I'd have to take another vacation just to post them all!

So let's get to it, shall we?


Our first day at Disney, we spent at Animal Kingdom.  The only day that WHOLE gang was together all week!

We started out our day at the Tusker House with a Character Breakfast.  The food was absolutely DELICIOUS! (not only was there every breakfast food you could imagine, there were African dishes I got to try for the first time...oh, and let's not forget the Mickey Waffles!)
The Characters were Hilarious!  It was a great way to start our Disney experience, and we were able to see exactly how each child would respond for the rest of the vacation.  Some LOVED the classic Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald & Daisy Ducks....others, not do much.
Samantha was so excited to see each one...as long as she didn't have to get within 20 feet.  However, we did get this gem with Goofy.
The Kilimanjaro Safari:  We were able to get up close and personal with many African animals.  The highlight of our safari was this baby giraffe that got so close, Randizzle could have reached out and touched his nose. :)
Pangani Forest Exploration Trail:  I whipped out my ZOOM lens for this one!  Here are a few of my Favorite shots.

so for those of you that have been to Animal Kingdom before, did you see this hippo in with the fish on the trail?  There is quite the debate within our family of whether or not this is REAL or "Disney-REAL" (i.e. planted for effect)  I'm not going to tell you what I believe, but I will say we watched it lift its nose to the surface to breathe...bubbles and all.

 The Festival of the LION KING! I have to say, this was one of our family's FAVORITE part of the whole week.  Maybe it's because I watched the movie religiously, on a weekly basis, when I was younger....or maybe it was because Samantha was FREAKIN' OUT (in a good way) the whole show.  We were sitting right next to where the performers entered and exited...and they all noticed how excited Sam was, waved to her, and blew her kisses!
oh, and Cashton's reaction...Priceless.
Finding Nemo: The Musical: UN-real!  everything about this was beautiful...the colors, the voices, the story--all told in my favorite way: SONG!


We always like a good parade!


Everything is always better when it's MICKEY!

With all the research and excitement of our first day combined. We didn't even make it into the "Asia" part of the park.  It was so hard to get our heads around everything we were seeing!  Add to that, we were trying to coordinate 4 families! 

We still had an amazing time...and after visiting all 4 major parks, this is the one we most look forward to re-visiting!

Day 2: Hollywood Studios
coming soon


  1. You are making this next to impossible to wait to visit next December.

  2. Ben and I got to ride on the Mickey float last year in the jingle jungle parade! I have to admit that it was the COLDEST day we were there (that night it got down to the upper 20's) and we were frozen by the end, but it was tons of fun. We were given Mickey/Minnie jumbo hands instead of mittens to ride on the float and got to keep them!! We had a GREAT time there!

  3. Oh how much fun!!!

    You had me at the giraffe! And I love the hippo - how cool!

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. So excited to have found your blog today... going to disney in a money.
    I would love to know what NOT NOT NOT to miss.

  5. gee... in a money... meant a month..

  6. Love your photos! I ♥ Animal Kingdom - can't wait to get back there.
    The hippos are definitely real!



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