Monday, January 10, 2011

First Flight

While many party people around the world were nursing their New Years' Hangovers...our family was boarding a plane headed for SUNNY FLORIDA!
Notice my new Ergo Carrier? Yeah, this is the last time Cashton rode in it.  Apparently, he's an outward facing baby.  Who knew?

The flight to Florida went off without a hitch!  This was Samantha's and Cashton's first airplane ride, and they were CHAMPS!  Sam actually fell asleep before we even left the gate.

And Cashton benefited from a different kind of nursing during take-off and he was a happy little man.
 Awake enough to enjoy the view:
Our airline had complimentary TV for the kiddos.  This shot is very deceiving...since most of the time Sam just watched it without she preferred to put those ear pieces in her mouth.
 The boys got a little nap mid-flight...

And we arrived safe and sound on schedule!

HAPPY 2011!

Stay tuned for our Day by Day at DISNEY!


  1. Sounds like the flight couldn't of gone much better.

  2. Wow, what a smooth flight for y'all! What a good feeling.

    Can't wait to see your Disney adventures! We're heading there this summer and couldn't be more excited to go back with Si this time!

  3. hooray!! you give me faith that one day i too will be able to take my kids on a plane!! if they can get mommy on one that is!! lol can't wait to see more!

  4. Glad your airline experience went well ... I've so been there done that (like more than dozen times) ... however I have never covered baby parts with a clock ... HA! HA! You crack me up! And that little man is delicious looking!

  5. I just love it that it went so well!

  6. Love the clock!! Pictures are amazing.



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