Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Puttin' some LOVE back in this House

I've been so busy making LadyBeez sweater mittens, that I haven't crafted-up much of anything else! 
It's been a long time for almost a month! 
For awhile I thought I might never craft again! (okay, that would never happen, and I'm being totally dramatic), but I was in a funk.  The whole "end of maternity leave, working Christmas, going to Disney World thing" really took a lot out of me!
Well, I finally got the itch today...of course, nothing got done, but at least I felt like making something.  I figure if I say it out loud, you'll hold me accountable.  You'll do that for me, right?

Until then, I'm going to get out my Valentine's Day Decor...and start getting inspired. 

Maybe you need some inspiration too?

Hopefully I'll have some NEW goodies to post for you soon!


  1. I can completely relate with the whole "crafting slump". But, then you will see that one super cool project and that's it, your BACK! LOL

  2. I know you will be out of your slump in no time :) I wish I could get my quilting bug back....I have so many unfinished quilts!!

  3. i can't find ANY of my vday decorations!! apparently they have grown legs and walked away!!

  4. I just got my mittens and I LOVE them!!! Thank you :)



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