Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cashton: 5 months

Can we say personality?
Cashton has certainly found his!

He is a smiley, happy baby boy with a squeal that lights up the room.  And he's learning so much everyday.  As you can see by the first picture, he is holding himself up with his arms...and that is normally followed shortly by rolling over to his back.  Conversely, the back to tummy roll has only been accomplished on the soft surface of our bed, but he is almost doing it on the floor too!  He's sooooo close!
Speaking of learning things, he just started blowing raspberries TODAY!  He's very proud.
In fact, his mouth has been doing all sorts of crazy things lately!  Chompin' on EVERYTHING!  We won't be surprised to see a tooth in there soon...but also won't be surprised if it takes a few more months either.  (you never can tell with those chompers)

Still solely breast-fed...still refuses a bottle.
I have nothing more to say about that.

 ....and HEALTHY! 
He just won't stop growing...check out just how much:



  1. Cutie (although he may never forgive you for the tights look, LOL)

  2. cutest post ever! Anna and I were thinking how adorable he is:)

  3. He is SUCH a sweetheart...and what a smile! I know you are counting your blessings for sure! :)



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