Friday, February 18, 2011

How to Follow a Blog: Part II


If you are not already a "Follower", please catch up with this little blog series HERE and learn how.

Today I'm going to talk about a little blog love called commenting.
Commenting is a blogger's pat on the back.  Personally, I'm not even that picky about what you say, as long as you say something.

1. Click on the "COMMENT" button at the end (or sometimes the beginning) of the post.  This may also be labeled differently.  Every blogger has the option to customize their it may say "Really awesome people say"  or "Super COOL peeps mouth off".  I am not creative don't want to confuse the few commenters I have so mine just says "Comments"
2. Type something witty, or silly, or nice, or clever, or only stipulation here is: don't be a bully.  No one wants to read something mean.  Constructive criticism is different, but just remember, unless someone knows you very well, it's very hard to read "tone" in written word.  Of course, I'm pretty snarky some days, so feel free to give it right back to me.
3. To submit your comment....well, this is where all blogs are different.  Depending how the blogger has set up their comments section, you may have to do a few steps.  I have tried to eliminate as many as possible.  So there is no word verification, but you still have to use that google account (or other account you chose when you started following the blog) to sign in.
4. Want some feedback from me?  DO THIS BEFORE YOU LEAVE A COMMENT. Go into your blogger profile.  (The one you signed up with) Click on "Edit Profile", and enable your e-mail address.  This allows me to e-mail a response to your comment directly to your e-mail address.  Pretty neat, huh?

1. It lets your blogger know you were here.  You read it. :)
2. It makes your blogger very happy.
3. It makes you happy knowing that you made your blogger happy.
4. You can win things.  (If there is a giveaway posted)
5. You can make friends.  I mean, really....who doesn't need a friend?

Just to let you know, my FOLLOWERS post convinced 5 of you lovelies to follow me!  So, that means that this one should get me 5 more comments, right?  I guess we'll see!



    they bring sunshine to my life ;)

  2. Oh I learned something new about the enabling of the e-mail!! Yay! Thanks for sharing all you know! :)

  3. Ok, I'm a guilty lurker. So, here I am, commenting. I love your blog and read all the time, you're in my reader! Comment u later!

  4. Thank you! I love commenting for the sole reason that I have built beautiful friendships because of it! And there is NOTHING more annoying than the dreaded "" thingy that shows up. Grr...

  5. seriously, you have the best posts!! :o*

  6. Hey guess what... I like you!! :) haha I do LOVE reading all of your posts :D



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