Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Make your Own Mini-Cheesheads

Are your little kiddos feelin' so Fly Like a Cheesehead too?

Ever since I showed Samantha this video from Higher Education
She is constantly begging me to "Play Cheesehead!"

How can I resist?

But I also wanted a little extra Packer Backin' Power come this I came up with these as a way that Sam can wear Cheeseheads for the SUPERBOWL....when the Pack destroy the Steelers.

You will Need:
Yellow Felt cut into 2 pie wedges and 3 rectangles.
I didn't have the right "cheese" gold color felt, but I had it in fabric, so the cheeseheads you'll see are double layered.
Matching Embrodery Floss
a Needle
Hair Clips


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  1. Oh my heck. I am soooo making one of these for mini. BRILLIANT.

  2. that is hilarious! I think you got your creative spark back :) I can't wait to see pictures of it on! I wish the Pats were playing too but since they are not, I'll cheer on the packers :)

  3. I know you are going to show us how cute she is this Sunday

  4. I live in Mo so we are FAR short in Packer garb! My husband is a HUGE packer fan, and you would think that my daughters would be all garbed out also. Now that they made it to the superbowl I was in shock to find out they had so little. So these last 2 weeks I have been on the hunt for whatever I could do to create them a little outfit. I wish I had come across these clips!! WAY CUTE!! Mandy from
    will be posting my outfits latter this afternoon. I hope they make Packer fans proud! Love the clips!

  5. Too funny! Hello from a fellow cheesehead!




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