Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Return to Titletown

I suppose you are wondering why it has taken do long for me to brag gloat celebrate cheer scream blog about the PACKERS WINNING THE SUPERBOWL!!!!....
I just wanted to make sure I was able to "cover" all the celebration festivities.  You see, here in Wisconsin, we do it right.  Lots of love for our Packers.

I spent a lot of time with my camera and the television.  I know it may be strange to you, but we don't have DVR, we don't record anything in my house....with the exception of still images from my cameras.
Weird, huh?
But this is how we roll.

So, without further ado, here's a glimpse of how the past few days have played out in Packer Country.

 My sister and BIL got these cups for free at their Miller Brewery Tour the day before...pretty sweet, huh?

Daddy & Cash: Ready for the game:

My man, Greg Jennings

 Aaron Rodgers with the Lombardi Trophy &
his Championship Belt given to him by Clay Matthews

MONDAY: Back to Green Bay
Yes, they interrupted scheduled programming...on ALL local stations to watch the Packers get off a plane and followed their motorcade through Green Bay.
Streets lined with people some 20 heads deep.

Tickets to get into Lambeau to Welcome the Pack = $5
(unless you waited half a day then they ranged from $35-$150)
Temp: 5 degrees...windchill = -15

 Not only did the Mayor of Green Bay re-name a street in Coach McCarthy's honor,  Governor Walker declared the rest of February "Superbowl XLV Champion Green Bay Packers" Month in Wisconsin.

And the Lombardi Trophy returned home.

 Donald Driver with his Million Dollar Smile.
(one of my favorite moments...the crowd erupted for him :)

SuperBowl MVP,
Aaron Rodgers.
I cannot say enough about this man.
Not only is he an amazing football player, he has handled all the criticism, controversy & pressure with grace and dignity.
Add to that he's very well-spoken and not bad to look at.

So Proud to be a Packer Fan!


  1. This hurt me to read since my team lost, but the Packers are my 2nd favorite team. Congrats to the Pack and enjoy the celebrations.



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