Monday, March 28, 2011

Are You a FlyLady?

How have I not heard of this before?

Okay, to be completely honest, I think one of my friends mentioned this to me before, because when my co-worker told me about this website, it vaguely sounded familiar...

And if you know me very well, which many people don't (at least when it comes to this) know I need a swift kick in the rear...

When it comes to CLEANING MY HOUSE.

Seriously.  I have a problem.  And what's worse is I married a guy who is just as bad as I am.  (Yes, there are men who are neat freaks....I have A friend who lucked out with a hubby like that, I hate her.)

Well, I'm going to try this FlyLady out.  I mean, I can't get much worse, so what do I have to lose?

This website is an awesome way to get you organized and clean.  For yourself and your family....Baby Steps, Creating Habits, and Shining Your Sink!

Let me know if you're a Fly Lady...and if you've stuck with it....

I'm off to get Dressed to My Shoes now....and Shine my Sink!


  1. I joined flylady about 2001. It really helped me a lot. I have slipped somewhat lately. However, some "habits" have stuck with me. You can get bogged down with a lot of emails but, in the beginning, I really found they helped. Now I am going to just have them send the one combined email daily. I bought her feather duster back in 2003 and I still love it. Good luck!

  2. Why have I NOT told you about her?

  3. Oh I LOVE flylady! What a fabulous site! I get the one email a day - can't keep up on everything right now with work. But I can't wait until I'm home soon & can start deep-cleaning every week again.

    Oh boy, do I ever sound like a nut case or what? :)

  4. Ahem... thank you, Brittany, for sharing this with ME. I have been feeling like a lousy wife in the house-cleaning department lately and this may be what I need to buckle down and focus. :)

  5. I had never heard of this but just jumped over for a bit and I have to admit I am a little overwhelmed but like what I see. I think I might just have to become a baby fly :)


  6. I am a flybaby! The flylady has really helped. I've noticed a huge difference just by starting with babysteps. Welcome flybaby!!

  7. Oh Yes I only found her about 2-3 weeks ago, and has helped alot. since my 3rd Ella was born last august I am easily overwhelmed and 'distracted' with things besides housework... Then it gets to the point where I dont know where to start... and why bother because its just going to get messy again lol... bad habits are hard to break.
    I like the idea of baby steps and I go to bed with a clean sink every night now :) makes for a more relaxed morning.



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