Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In Like a LION!


The old sayin' goes, "In like a lion, out like a lamb" 
In truth, this is referring to the weather...but we deal with LIONS everyday in our house.

It all started when I was preparing Samantha for our Disney Trip.  I pulled out all of my Disney movies (on VHS, woot! woot!) to introduce her to the characters.  My personal favorite happens to be The Lion King, so naturally, we watched that one first.

And so it began. 


"LION Moooo-Beeee"



We did get to watch some of the other ones too, but like me, this one stuck with Sam.
No Princesses for her! (this does make me secretly overjoyed)

It paid off too!  Our first day at Disney we spent at the Animal Kingdom.  It was so Fun to see Sam excited for the Lion King. 

If you remember that post, she even got to get a Lion to take home.

This is what made me smile thinking about the "In Like A Lion..." saying.

Samantha needs to sleep with not only "Mama Lion" 

Yes, we try to explain to her often that these are all "Daddy" Lions---she doesn't seem to care.

Wish I could have captured her Baby Lions....but they are currently "taking a bath"

The way things are looking, I think March just may go out with a Lion too!


  1. Her "lion' is much more enjoyable than what we she be graced by mother nature at the end of the month.

  2. Haven't even met her {yet} but I love that girl and her cute lion!

    NHV would totally have that lion (and Sam) wearing a princess dress in about two seconds flat :)



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