Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Last-Minute Lucky Craft

Find an early-90's Home Interior Special picture frame
(or any old frame you are not particularly fond of)
and paint it Green

Pick up some wooden letters at your local craft store
These came in a pack of 2....
so a lucky someone is going to get a surprise from me soon

Paint them Green

Make the U into a Horseshoe by drawing a little design
(Hint: if you go with a lighter green, you can use a permanent marker to draw on it, otherwise, you'll have to use a paint pen or paintbrush)

Arrange your letters in any way you'd like on a piece of cardstock
I used the "LOVE" sign as inspiration

Place in your frame, and show off your last-minute creativity

If you don't make this craft you will have 7 years of bad luck and every time you wear the color green a bird will poop on your head....even in the middle of winter.
Just Kidding!
(it will only be 6 years)


  1. And when does that curse start? The moment I read your blog?

    Just wanted to know, I am wearing green today.

  2. too cute! But now you have me scared with your curse ;)



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