Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sunday Brunch

This past Sunday we got to spend a little quality family time together...
which usually means packing a ton of kids into some one's house and praying we all survive.
My uncle & aunt graciously opened their home to all of us so that we were able to see some of our family visiting all the way from VIA LAS VEGAS!

The first time all of my Grandma's GREAT-Grandchildren were under the same roof: 13 of them--ages 9 years-6months


I had the pleasure of standing by the kid's table while the "Meeting of the Minds" commenced.
Number One on the Discussion Board: The Tooth Fairy.
Question Posed: If two siblings both lose teeth on the same day, will the tooth fairy find them both?
Apparently, that's a much easier task than if they lived across town from each other.  Also, if you sleep with more than one pillow, it's a good idea to leave a note for the Tooth Fairy as to which pillow it's under.

The Grandkids lined up for a pic too....unfortunately we were missing a few and a few spouses too :(

The refined generation:
Hey, how did Lance & Julie get to crash 2 Pictures?!?!?!

After brunch, we went to visit my Grandma.
She turned 96 this past week!
We sang "Happy Birthday" to her, and in the longest response she gave all day.....she sang back:

"I love you, I do,
I love you, I do,
I love you dear children,
Because you are mine!"

Needlesstosay, there were a few tears...

I just love how Sam lights up around Grandma!  and vice versa. 
Just melts my Heart!


  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. I love family get togethers like this, and they dont happen often enough anymore. Love the last picture that is too cute.

  2. awww, looks like it was a great visit!!

  3. What a treasure the older generation is. We are so blessed to still have 4 of our grandparents living. Memories are precious.



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