Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Outfits: A Process

It all starts with the fabric, right?
This year's Easter palate was inspired by the little man shirt I found for Cashton at the Carter's outlet.  It is a light orange and white striped little shirt of pure ADORABLE!
So, Samantha would be dressed to match him.
Off to I went, and filled my cart with these beauties!
If you love fabric as much as I must go there!  All these were under $5/yd at the time I purchsed them. SCORE!

My next task was to find a pattern.
It seriously took me days!  (and that's sayin' something, I'm usually a very fast shopper...translation: impulse buyer)
I wanted something super cute, but very easy and something I would use again....and you know me, CHEAP!
After googling boutique dress patterns over and over again, it finally dawned on me that I had a whole store of untapped resources that I never even thought of!
ETSY!  DUH!  (and I even have a shop of my own, how could I forget!)
There are oodles of creative women (and men) selling all sorts of adorable patterns on there!
and some UBER-AMAZING Deals too!
I stumbled upon Pink Poodle Bows, and I was HOOKED!
I got, not 1, not 2, but 3 patterns for $12!!!
That's the price of ONE from a large retailer!
This is Samantha's 2011 Easter Dress:

side note: for Easter in Wisconsin, you never know what the weather will bring, so under-shirts are usually needed.

Now, just so you don't think Cash got left out...


I made Cashton some khaki dress pants from a pair of Randy's pants he was going to take to Goodwill.
The suspenders came from wide elastic and the leather from a purse I cut up.

The Complete Look:

The Best of the Easter Photos:

You may notice Sam is also sporting a Flower in her hair from Fancy Hats by Becky and our very own BeezLegz by LadyBeezDesigns.

And if you are wondering how I took such a fabulous picture of our kiddos...
this is what it took to get there:


  1. OK I think what it took to get there is just as good as the actual photos. I love how they love on each other .. the talent and creativity ummm yeah makes me UBER jealous. Those outfits are adorable...

  2. Cute! I love that Sam's dress is so versitle since she can wear it alone or over something warm. And baby boys dressed as grown-ups? Cutest. thing. ever.

  3. Those suspenders are killin' me. CUTE!! Way to go, mama - those outfits were fantastic!

  4. and I am just hoping I can manage a Bible tote for Baby Girl

  5. You are so amazing. They are just adorable!



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