Monday, May 16, 2011

Blogger's Guilt

It's almost as bad as "Mommy Guilt"! 

Or maybe it's the same thing....I mean, this blog does feel like my baby.

The past few months have been so crazy in our lives that this poor blog has been neglected. 
I'll tell you, it's not for lack of inspiration or material. 
I've crafted projects.
I've sewn things
The kiddos are a constant source of hilarious moments.
I have loads of posts started and not finished.

The problem is: it's hard to find an extra second to sit down and type!  And the guilt is killing me!  Granted, not many people still read this old thing.  (Oh, I know I have a few very LOYAL bloggy buddies, and my lurker crowd grows daily)  I don't expect to have much feedback when I post anymore.....I know what it's like.  I can't get around to reading many blogs either.  LIFE IS BUSY!

But, this isn't one of those "Apology Posts" in which I tell you it will be better.  Frankly, I can't promise you a thing.  If anything, the next few months are going to be CRAZY.

But, I MISS YOU!  I feel like I've been keeping secrets.  I feel so disconnected!

That's going to change.

It's all part of my plan to make the months ahead be even more GLORIOUS: A Fresh Start.

Please stick with me.

It's going to be an AMAZING Adventure! 


  1. Your life is much more important than your blog, there should be no guilt involved.



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