Sunday, May 15, 2011

Caston's Rockin' 8 Months

Don't ya just wanna KISS him!?!?!

Eight months old and "Worming" his way into EVERYTHING!  If we turn our backs for a second he's got something he's not suppose to! 
Or, we find these two crackin' each other up!

Cashton is a GREAT BIG EATER too!  The only problem we have now is trying to get him to let us feed him.  He's already asserting his independence and wanting to feed himself.  It took him about 1 day to master the pincher-Cheerio-tray-to-mouth action, but still without a tooth we need to watch him closely because he forgets to gum those little things before trying to swallow.
On a related note....He has accepted a BOTTLE!  A week ago Mama got to get out of the house for a few nights, and Daddy maned Bottle Duty.  It took awhile, but there was success!

This picture pretty much captures it all:  Mid-Worm and Drooling!

Now if only he would STOP growing up so FAST!!!!


  1. Just doesn't seem possible he is eight months already. For my 2nd and 4th, eight months was the end of being mama's baby anymore. They were complete toddlers by then. Bitter sweet I tell you.

  2. oh my goodness, what a cutie!!!! 8 months!!! holy molie! love that pic of them laughing together!

    on a side note: i used to give the kids those fruit/veggie puffs--i think gerber makes them? they can practice their pincher, and the puffs just melt in their mouths!(and i liked them too! LOL)

  3. I love those first couple of shots. He is such a doll baby.



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