Monday, June 13, 2011

We're MOVING!!!

and we are SO EXCITED!

So there is it.  The HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT.  

Now, don't go getting your panties in a bundle....we're not going far.....just across town.

But, we are MOVING!!!!

There is so much we are excited about:
  • 2 1/2 BATHROOMS
  • A BACKYARD for the Kids and Dog and FUN!
  • Finally...A GARAGE!!! and not just a GARAGE, a 3 CAR GARAGE!
  • Unfinished Basement....but we see a blank canvas!
  • a PERGOLA over our Backyard Patio! BACKYARD PATIO!
  • and there's so much more :)
We've been praying for this for months.  Part of the reason I haven't talked about this big move is we had a lot of approvals and paperwork and "red-tape" to get through.  Well, this past weekend, things are finally starting to progress.  We could be New Home Owners as soon as the end of this month!   AHH!!!

Did I mention we are EXCITED!?!?!

You may have noticed the new button up on my navigation bar: "OUR HOME"  Well, we are excited to share this new journey with all of you too!  You're going with us!  From moving day to arranging furniture...paint colors, decor....thrifting & refurbishing....all the projects will be on display!

I wish I had started blogging before we tackled the house we are currently in.  That would have been some GOOD reading! LOL!  Well, I don't plan I missing out this time. :) 

Are you with me? 

Are you ready to move?

Got any boxes for me?


  1. That is awesome!! My husband and I are moving our family to another state on Friday. It is crazy around here but we are so excited to also get some space!! We pillaged our local recycling center in our town for boxes....also if you have a Uhaul location in your town they advertize that used boxes are free. Our location didn't have any the day I called but it is something to check. Oh and our local grocery store let us take their apple boxes which were great for packing plates etc...and it will smell fruity when you unpack! :) Can't wait to see all the updates!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Wow! Exciting!! Can't wait to read all about it :)

  4. I am so happy for you (and slightly jealous!)

    Can't wait to see it & do you really need boxes? We get a ton at work & I can drop them off on my way home

  5. BE wary of fruit boxes. fabrics can mold in them.

    How exciting, and a bit stressful. I'm sure your new home will be well worth it though.



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