Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cashton: 10 Months Old

I don't know how you feel about it, but Cashton's pretty excited about being

Besides moving into a BRAND new house...

Cashton celebrated something else BRAND NEW:
On June 26th, he cut his very FIRST tooth: 9 months & 14 days old....One Tooth on the bottom, left side....
That was 17 days ago...
He's up to 3 TEETH now!
Here's a good shot of my Favorite one:  the lone tooth on top.
Only thing I'm having a little trouble with:  It makes him look SO OLD!
as for Cash...
Apart from the crying, drooling, runny nose, icky diapers, constant gnawing on EVERYTHING, and sleep deprivation....I'd say he's taking it like a CHAMP! :)

It's so fun watching him expore his new world.
He is constantly mimicing Samantha.
A few days ago, he added "Uh-Oh!" to his vocabulary....from Sam's mouth to his!
He climbs on everything she does,
"chases" her around the house (he's wicked fast on those hands and knees!),
eats all the solid food he can get his hands on (often more than Sam does),
and gives LOTS Hugs & Kisses!
I can't IMAGINE how he picked that up!


  1. Such a doll baby.. why no where on earth would he have learned half of those things??

  2. Siblings seem to bring the best out of babies ;)



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