Thursday, August 25, 2011

1st First Day of School 2011


This seems so "Old School" already.  Last year was Samantha's real first day of school, as she started in the Early Childhood Program.  Back then she was 3 years and two weeks old.  She was just as excited then as she was today.  We have very mixed feelings about how beneficial last years' school year really was....

Today she started school at the school I went to when I was a little girl.  Kinda strange...and kinda hilarious all at the same time.  A lot of the parents of the children in her class were very familiar faces  (alumni of the very same school)  We had a few reunions! LOL!

Sam will still continue in the Early Childhood Program this year as well, but public school don't start until next we'll have a "2nd First Day of School" TOO!  :)

So happy she's so ready.
So Excited!
At 4 years and  1 week old...she's starting 3K


  1. as always, too cute

    and very excited. Bubby had his first day yesterday, but school actually starts next Monday.

  2. So cute! p.s you were in my dream the other night, so I think that's a sign we need to get this playdate set up ASAP. :)

  3. too cute!! my kiddos start on the 6th...just got emily's "bus pass", and it made me a little weepy! ugh, lame mommy!! LOL



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