Friday, August 5, 2011

MODe(e)rn Room: DIY Projector for a Mural

The second part of painting Cashton's room began with the idea of painting a Deer Head silouette on the wall.  Although I normally wing my mural painting projects, I wanted this to look perfect.

Problem: I don't own a projector, and I'm too cheap frugal to rent one
So, I thought I'd try making one with what I had around the house.

I printed off the image I wanted right from Google images.  I grabbed a Ziploc baggie.
 After I enlarged the image a bit, I traced it with a black Sharpie.
Look, a HOMEMADE Transparency!
 Here's where the DIY becomes more of a DI-with a helper....I stood with the flashlight and baggie, and my mom traced it out on the wall.
1. You need the room to be VERY DARK.
2. You have to have a steady hand(s)
3. Tip: hold the light away and down from the image.
4. Be willing to wing it a little if you have two little monsters clawing at your ankles while you are doing this project as your traced picture will NOT be perfect.
 I was okay with what we got...I really just wanted the general shape/size
 Ever wonder what I do when I get home from the night shift...instead of sleeping?
See below.
 I'm very happy with the outcome

It's the Piece de Resistance!
 complementing the Curtains & the Stripes...

Make SURE you come back on MONDAY for the FULL
MODe(e)rn Bedroom REVAL!
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  1. Great idea! I just remember my last try at painting in the lines and have to resist trying this one! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. LOL! Sparta, sometimes it's not always good to "color in the lines" though ;)



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