Thursday, August 4, 2011

MODe(e)rn Room: Stripes on the Wall

Tuesday I introduced you to my fabric inspiration when I showed you how I made Cash's curtains.
These two beauties were the start of what I like to call Cashton's
MODe(e)rn Bedroom.
Get It?
"Modern" & "Deer" 
I'm a dork.
Does it help to tell you I came up with that at 4am one morning?  No?  oh.

Anyway,  first things first when it comes to a room makeover:
Here is what Cash's room looked like a month ago when we moved in:
 obviously lavender & yellow was not going to cut it...
 Taking my cue from the "Into the Woods" fabric:
Light Blue & Dark Brown.
The whole room got a (couple) coats of Blue as the base.
Then it was time to try out this "Stripe Painting Method"
1.Paint the base coat.
2. Tape off your stripes with painter's tape
3. Paint your accent color
4. Remove tape before it completely dries
 I did this on two separate places in this room: one on the corner that juts out and one on the slant.
 If BJ Mama had been watching the DIY Network, she would have known to paint her base color over the painter's tape to seal the edges before she painted the accent color.  This would have given her cleaner lines.

In fact I DO watch the DIY Network , thankyouverymuch, but you did not air this little tip until the day AFTER I painted. :P
So, I will be touching these stripes up for the next few months ;)  Good thing for me, when you are atanding from a distance, it doesn't look too bad.

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  1. are you striping the whole room, or one wall?

  2. Very nice! I've thought about trying similar painting techniques in the past, but am way too chicken!

    Looks great. Can't wait to see the finished bedroom.

  3. LOVE it!! and your fabric collection!

  4. Thanks, Carmen! and now my fabric is OH SO Organized too!



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