Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sam's B-day Week Day 2: GLEE-Shirt II

Day 2 of ALL THINGS SAM for her Birthday Week is
Yes, she is only (almost) 4.
I would be lying if I said we didn't let her watch the show.  Honestly, the first season was so much fun and she was too young to understand much of anything but the singing and dancing....
The second season, however, got a little bit crazy...so thankfully, someone invented DVR!
Now she just gets to watch the parts we allow her to :)

I have NO idea why she gets so excited about this show...
it's not like her mother went to the opening night of the Glee 3D Concert Movie last Friday
and it's not like both of her parents drove down to Chicago to see the Concert Tour LIVE last May either...
Weird.  Wonder where she picked it up?

You may remember the First Glee Shirt I made her.
Well, she went a grew out of it! BOO!
It was so cute becasue she barely talked back then, and she would still ask to wear her Glee shirt ALL THE TIME :)

I decided to fancy it up a bit this time.
(notice I'm giving you the graphic? :)  Note: I do NOT own Glee or anything related)

I made this little print to use as another iron-on.  These are her favorite songs from the show.

Of course, with my track record with Iron-On Transfers, I totally botched the first attempt:

But if at first you don't succeed....
This time I ironed it on to Cotton, cut it out, and sewed it onto the previous attempt.
I LOVE the Yellow!

I can't WAIT until she opens this tomorrow!!! :)

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  1. Love the shirt! The girls & I also love to watch Glee.....we saw the movie on Sunday, but I didn't get a fancy bag! They love to sing & dance around to it as well...



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