Saturday, September 10, 2011

Love to Our Grandparents!

She rocks another baby...

hums an age old lullaby
She hopes no one is watching
as with thanks, she starts to cry

Remembering the time
when the babies were her own
And her mother told her gently
too soon they would be grown

Lots of bedtime stories,
skinned knees, and tears to dry
Teddy bears, toy trucks and dolls
and kites up in the sky

First days of school, first loves,
the proms, the wedding days
Sand castles and snowball fights
and teaching them to pray

Now, as she holds her grandchild
and gives thanks unto the Lord
She knows to be a Grandma
is motherhood's reward!

- Unknown Author

This post is dedicated....
to my grandmothers who are no longer with us here on this earth,
to Randy's grandmothers that are still so much a part of our lives,
to our children's grandmothers that bless our lives every day with their love and kindness...
to the grandfathers I never really knew,
to the grandfathers that shower us and our children with love and pride...

You taught us what it means to be loved.....and to love our children unconditionally.

Thank you.  From the bottom of our hearts.


  1. What a beautiful post...grandparents are a blessing!!

  2. brings tears to my eyes; for so many reasons.

    thanks for sharing brit!

  3. I feel so bad. I totally thought Grandparents' Day was in October. Until my mom said something on Saturday. FAIL.

  4. We couldn't get all the kids coordinated enough to call the Grandparents that day :(



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