Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sponsor: Oh Shoot Photography

Today's sponsor is Kelly from Oh Shoot Photography

I met Kelly years ago through our local mom's group, and since then she's taken Oshkosh by storm with her camera in tote!  If you're in the area and need some pics...you can find her website HERE, find her on Facebook HERE, or check out her blog HERE.....she's easy to get ahold of LOL!

Besides her adorable portrait photography, Kelly designs Creative Letter Collages. Her newest addition: COLORED Letters!
Kelly has been super gracious to all you lucky readers and has donated not ONE, not TWO, but THREE Creative Letter Collage E-Files....
So, EACH of the Three Prize packages with contain 
"LOVE" (pictured above)

In the comments below, tell me which one you'd pick and how you'd like it personalized.

Remember how to enter?
Every comment you post on ANY post this WHOLE month will enter you to win one of the 3 prize packages:
Prize Package #1:
Your Choice of LadyBeez Designs BeezLegz
$10 EmmaJean's Gift Certificate OR Mother's Pendant (you choose)

Prize Package #2
Custom LadyBeez Designs BeezSet (Onesie/Shirt with Matching BeezLegz)

Prize Package #3
LadyBeez Designs Upcycled Sweater Mittens (you pick your colors)

Keep checking back all month to watch these prize packages GROW!
How are they gonna do that?
Have something you'd like to donate?
Shoot me an email!

Isn't this fun?!?!


  1. ooohhhh - I love the new color ones! I would like the family one, as is - without any names below it. I would frame it & put it in with my pics of the girls

  2. Very cool! I think I would choose the Family one and then have our names on it....

  3. I think I Love LOVE...thanks for introducing us...I may have found a coaches gift ;)

  4. I would choose the Family one, I feel so blessed to have had a baby girl just 6 weeks ago!! Family is so important to me :)

  5. i've often thought of doing this with our family name (once we're married ;) ... so i think i would choose family; because i'm so excited to be a family!


  6. I like that these are in color. I think I'd go for the Love one, just simple and sweet.




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