Friday, September 9, 2011

Stampin' Apples

When I think of September, one of the first things that comes to mind is APPLES! We always go pick apples this month, and even though pies and applesauce and caramel apples are GREAT….sometimes we pick too many.
Here’s a fun art project you can do with the kiddos. Use your apples as stamps! Then have fun coming up with pictures that you can turn your apple shapes into.


Paint (whatever kind you’d like. I used fabric paint and made shirts for the kids)
Paper (or plain shirts…great way to hide a stain ;)

1. Cut your Apple in half. (BONUS: you can do 2 different colors with each one)
2. Paint the Apple…if you use a brush you can get better coverage, and you could use more than one color per apple half….think rainbow butterflies :)

3. Stamp your Paper or Shirt

4. STAMP STAMP STAMP away (or just stick with one)

5. Use a brush and add details to your prints:


Or get Ready for OCTOBER with a PUMPKIN

Other IDEAS: Butterflies, Spiders, a BIG Caterpillar, Assorted Balls (Basketball, Baseball, etc.) Monster Faces, ….an APPLE! LOL! Have fun with it!

Got some extra potatoes? They have stronger meat, and you could even carve shapes into them! The possibilities are endless when you play with your food!

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  1. We used to do that on paper when we were younger...but I hadn't ever considered it on clothes...too cute!!

  2. Vert cute! Could tell i work in the medical field cause i was thinking they look a lot like lungs!! ;)

  3. Love the ladybugs (of course) !! :)

  4. I remember doing potato stamping when I was younger.

    Weren't you supposed to show the stain before you covered. Wish my kids would wear stuff like this. Alas, they all think they are getting too old.

  5. i always liked cutting the apple in half the other way with vieve when she was little. then our apple stamps had stars in the middle :)


  6. Cute! FireGirl's first art project when she started preschool last year was a paper with red apple stamps all over it. Love it!

    BTW - that shirt is super-cute!



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