Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Morning Chat

It's been fairly quiet around here lately....have you noticed?

This blog has been such an amazing outlet for me both personally and creatively....I'm a very sharing person. :)  That's why I feel so weird that I haven't been posting very often.  Of course, life is busy. 

I often get comments from friends and family saying, "I don't know how you do it all!  You're so creative!  You are always doing such awesome stuff with your kids!  Where do you find the time?"  This used to be flattering.  Now it makes me feel guilty.  I DON'T do everything.  Trust me.  Things fall to the wayside (i.e. cleaning, sleeping, projects just for fun, etc.)  I suppose that has contributed to my lack of blogging lately.  Plus, The kiddos do NOT like me on the computer.
On top of that, I haven't made time for a lot of blog-able crafts and projects.  We're in the height of Craft Fair Season and ramping up for the BIG Holiday if I'm making much of anything these days, its for LadyBeez Designs.  Lots of BeezLegz, Sweater Mittens, and Knot Dresses are in my future for the next couple months :)

This is not an apology post.  I will never apologize again for not blogging.  1.) Most of you that read this probably didn't even notice. LOL! 2.) My family comes first.  And so does yours, which is why I know you understand how crazy life can be.  3.) I've got some AWESOME stuff coming up!!!!  Believe me, you WILL NOT want to miss out!

Our House!  I've been in a rut at our new house.  Everything in it is nice.  I mean, it pretty much was 100% move-in ready....the colors are nice.  They coordinate well....and after 3 1/2 months, I'm GOING NUTSO!  I feel like I'm living in someone elses house.  We NEED to do something!  At least Paint!  But, I've been having color-block.  It's so overwhleming to think about re-painting a whole I'm finally getting a little inspiration.  Hence, the half bath reveal that will be coming later this week.  One room at a time, right?
My problem with this house is.  It's TOO new.  I know, I sound ridiculous.  But, honestly, my style is very old school, traditional...hardwood floors, crown molding, CHARACTER.  Bold colors......and right now, I'm living in light and airy, light wood, builder-grade-esque, suburbia.  like I said, I'm NUTSO.

Wow!  Thanks for listening to me ramble.  I needed that.  Now I feel like I've caught up with an old friend.  We're on the same page again.  We should do this again sometime! ;)


  1. I can always admire a woman/mother who puts her family first.

  2. I hope you have a great day & enjoy this wonderful time in your life. And if you are Jonesing to fix something in an old house stop by anytime! My to-do list is way too long as well!

  3. I am also of the school of not apologizing for blogging absences... we've all got real lives, right? My husband and daughter also shoot daggers at me when I'm on the computer for too long, so ya gotta make sure they're happy first!
    But! I can't wait to see your bathroom all finished!! :D

  4. Amen! Blogging is a tool, an outlet. But if your entire day is spent in front of the computer, you will have nothing to blog about.

  5. Something some where has to give right?! I can understand!! Some days I find tons of "extra" time and others it is lucky if the dishes get put away!! Good luck with the painting...we moved 4 months ago and I painted the 2 boys rooms and haven't done anything else...but I am not minding the colors for now so we are good until I get tired of them! :)

  6. Wahoo! I spent a week re arranging my blog and it made me WANT to blog again. For me. Not for anyone else and I have had such an amazing time writing. That's what it's about. The things we do, and being honest on our blog about WHO we front here. Unfortunately I see too many blogs where I would never have known the same person was the blogger that I knew because everything was so overly perfect.
    It's nice to come upon blogs that have not been turned into a "who has more followers, comments and sponsors" can just be :) what you like, what you do, what your family is. That's why I like reading BJmama :)

  7. Love this post. Feel a teeny bit caught up. But still missing you. Cannot believe how long it has been since we've "talked" / interacted on each other's blogs ... MommyBrain is not dead but I'll be darned if I can find a spare minute in the day to write for myself ...

    anyway, I luv you and think of you often!



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