Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Orange Princess

This princess almost made me cry. 
No, not because she's shootin' me this eerie menacing look....LOL! 
But, look how grown up she is!

This is the first Halloween that Samantha has actualy had interest in what she would dress up as.
When I posed the question, "What do you want to be for Halloween?"
I shuddered cringed cried waved my fist in the air smiled when she replied,
"A princess"
"Well, what color princess would you like to be?"


Now, that I could live with!
And I knew just how I was gonna make that happen.
You see, when I was a Junior in high school, I wanted an orange dress....since my mother could sew anything, I designed a little something, and she whipped it up.
It just so happens she still had it in one of her closets at home:
That was what it looked like just 36 hours ago....

Now, the CIRCLE of LIFE has brought it here:
I followed a pattern and everything!
And didn't need to use anything else but my old dress for the material.
(Well, except for that trim)

I sure do hope I can get better pictures of Sam in it this weekend! 
These were the best shots I could get in a classroom full of 3 and 4 year olds, while I was trying to keep Cashton out of trouble!

Oh, did I mention, this was the dress I went to my Junior Prom in.....and my date was: Randizzle, himself!


  1. And I love those sleeves! Your sewing skillz never fail to impress.

  2. That is so adorable! I remember that dress!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! you are so creative I can't hardly stand it!! Adorable!

  4. the dress turned out great britt :)


  5. I think I remember that dress! :) Sam is getting so big! Love that glare :)

  6. Is there anything you can't do??? Amazing! She is so adorable

  7. - love that she wanted to be an ORANGE princess

    - love that you were able to make use of your old prom dress

    - as always, impressed by your sewing skills

    - oh, and your kid's pretty cute too :)

    Nice post!

  8. you are so talented and nostalgic :)

    give that ORANGE princess a high-five from a friend in the NW!



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