Friday, October 28, 2011

Vintage Chic Half Bath Reveal

Back in July, our Half-Bath looked like this:
Lavender Walls....two-toned hardware
(I guess when they built the house, they couldn't decide between gold or silver so they went with both. gross.)

The first thing that had to go was that purple.
I just wasn't feelin' it.
At all.

I finally decided on a color and brought the paint home.
Now, I try to include the hubby in decisions as much as possible.
Meaning, I pick something out and show he can say he approves...that way it's like we decided together :)  But, there always seems to be a problem.  He never just says, "Looks good."  "Whatever you want."  Which he totally should, by the way....I doesn't he trust me by now?!?!?

So, I show him the paint can....they put the sample on top.
He just stares.
Says nothing.
Then, "It's not really what I had in mind."
What's wrong with it?
It's not too dark.
I'm confused
Apparently, he thought I was going for the Metallic Copper look.
What a dweeb.

Ahhh....much better.
Next up:
The hardware and light fixture got a coat of Oil-Rubbed Bronze Metallic Spray Paint

I wanted to replace the mirror that was hanging in there too.
It was just a plain flat mirror without a frame.
We had this mirror hanging in our dining room at our old house...

It got a little Paint Job too:

And that's where the room sat from the end of July until last week.

I finally got up the nerve to finish it up.
My naptime Wall Stenciling project was the biggie...

Then I just had to get the wall hanging I'd been eying at Hobby Lobby....
 and pester Randizzle to install the new faucet.
(yes, I did contemplate spray painting the old one hehe)


Now, the hours a day I spend in this room....(we're still potty training) will be pleasant and full of beauty....well, as much beauty as a toilet will really allow.

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  1. Looks great! Love that new faucet and the wall hanging looks perfect.

  2. LOVE it! I laughed out loud when I read the part about them choosing 2 colors of fixtures...gross! :) Hilarious!

    But it looks great now - does your husband like it?! Now that it isn't copper walls and all?! :)

  3. Looks too upper class for potty training, LOL

  4. Okay, love what you've done.

    Request - can you post a "how to" on how you painted the mirror? Might sound kinda simple to some, but I've been wanting to do one of ours for a while, but am so chicken. So much so I've thought about just donating it to Goodwill & buying a new one.

    I am so not-very-crafty-ish.


  5. LOVE it! Cant' wait to spray paint the fixtures in our bathroom.... if hubby gives the go-ahead ;)


  6. I love your bath. And I was so excited to see the faucet...that is what I chose for our guest bathroom. Nice to know I picked a stylish faucet.

  7. isn't it the little things that make us smile? Even a half bath redo! Everything looks great!

  8. I love anything related to home improvement. Nicely done. And him saying that's not what he had in mind makes me laugh. Notice they have opinions but they NEVER TELL you what they are thinking. :) Looks great!



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