Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wall Stenciling: Half-Bath Sneak Peek

This is actually Phase II of our Half Bath. 
I never posted Phase I, you really don't have any idea what I'm talking about ;)

Next Monday, Will be the BIG Before and After Shots, but for now...

Here's what I did during Naptime the other day.

DISCLAIMER:  This restroom has absolutely NO natural lighting, so I playing with the photos as best as I could to get the correct color/lighting.  So, forgive me if each photo looks a little bit different

Before Naptime, the Walls all looked like this..
Kind of A Seafoam Green/Blue...not really but the color I believe is "Serene" or something like that, and that's not very descriptive.

Wall/Floor Stencil from Hobby Lobby (with 40% off coupon)
Foam Roller
1 little bottle of Vinatge White Craft Paint
1 little bottle of Pearl-lizing (is that a word) Paint
Painter's Tape
Cost: $18 and some change

I mixed the Vintage White & Pearl Paint One-to-One and added water to dilute it.  I wanted the pant to be a little translucent.  This bathroom is pretty small, so I didn't want it to be too overpowering.

It worked pretty good.

I admit it was a little more time-consuming and annoying to do than I expected.  First, I had the paint too diluted...and then there were plenty of spots where I had too MUCH paint, and it bled, or GOBBED on....and I'm way too lazy to fix that.

But, really, once it dried, you can't tell that much.

What do you think?

And here's a bit more of a Sneak Peek of the Rest of the room:

Next Week, I'll reveal the WHOLE thing!
To be honest, it's not finished yet, and this gives me a deadline. LOL!

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  1. OH I like it! I would NOT have the patience with a stencil to do even 1 way though! :) Good job!!

  2. The pearly shimmer is sooo pretty! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love the idea of adding water. I'm wanting a light paint for our bathroom, and i think what we have will be good, but water would have been a good idea.:)

  4. Hey! Just making sure that you got my e-mail last Thursday...I responded to your response...but wasn't sure if it went through! :) Hope you had a great weekend!!



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