Friday, November 11, 2011

12 weeks: 1st Trimester in Review

It seems like just yesterday I was posting about "Number 2"....and here we are talking about "Number 3"...oh, yeah, it was practically YESTERDAY!

Did my announcement come as a surprise to you?

Well, if it are NOT alone.  We were quite surprised ourselves :)  I mean, I do know how this kind of thing happens, it's just that we weren't expecting....or get the picture, right?

Let me tell you, it's been TORTURE not sharing this exciting news with you.  At first it took me awhile to fully wrap my head around being pregnant again....having Cashton and this new baby only 20 months apart....oh geez....imagine how it felt for me to see that positive pregancy test the day before my baby turned 1.  I know, I know....women have been havin' babies closer together than that forever...just not me. :)

To add nausea onto anxiety....from day 1, I have been uber nauseous this time around.  I feel the turn around beginning so that is Wonderful...but I spent many-a-nights hitting the couch the second Randizzle walked in the door....often making dinner just to feed the family as I close my eyes for....oh, the rest of the day.
And probably more often than that, not feeding them anything but an apology that he's on his own for supper, not being able to think of food.  We've become fast friends with the crock-pot, frozen dinners, and take-out....wait, that's nothing new! LOL!

Have you had mulitple children?  Close together?  Do you know how fast you get fat?  YIKES!  I had to announce this, or my belly was gonna do it for me! 

You know what's even more disheartning?
"They" say the baby is only the size of a LIME!

Awesome.  Here's what our Lime looks like:
I'm probably sucking it in looks much bigger in person.

In other news, my first doctor's appointment labs came back a bit abnormal.  Apparently my TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) was quite high.  They tested my other thyroid levels (T3 & T4) and they came back normal....still I am on a low dose of meds until we know for sure that everything is okay.  After my 12 week check, all of my levels were normal, but I am still on the medication until at least Week 16 when we check again.  It's not that big of a deal, except that I was pretty freaked out when I first got the results.....and I can only take the meds on an empty stomach and can't eat until 30 minutes afterward.  Now, that is torture.

Wanna see the little bug again?

This was at 7 weeks, 1 day. 
Weird.  I really thought I'd be 9 weeks at that appointment.....but I guess that might explain why I thought I was pregnant for 2 weeks before a test finally comfirmed it! 

On Monday, I had my 12 week check up....a little nerve racking when the doctor couldn't find the heartbeat...but no big deal, Dr. just brought in her little hand-held ultrasound gadget, and we got to see the baby AGAIN!  He/she was movin' all over the place...waving arms and legs...a little dancin' machine!  SO CUTE! 
I told my doctor I was hoping for a mellow one this time around.....she laughed at me.
Come to think of it.....she's laughed at me a LOT this pregnancy so far...wonder why?

But, seriously, all joking aside.  My fear and anxiety is subsiding, and we are VERY excited.  God makes life interesting...that's for sure!  I'm glad He's in control, because I obviously have no idea what I'm doing!

You know....I was an "Unexpecting Blessing" too!  Look how well that turned out :)


  1. Can I just say woohoo!!! Our # 2 & 3 were 15 months apart. I feel your pain. They will be best buds and mortal enemies, and it will probably change every 10 minutes. But it's awesome. Praying for all those levels to go back to normal! And I loved the pics. Too precious!

  2. This is great news! I have thyroid issues (happened after C) so I know all about the meds on an empty stomach :( Hopefully yours go away although they will watch you like a hawk during pregnancy and after the birth. Hugs to you all and hoping the nausea goes away!!!

  3. Anna and Molly are just under 17 months apart. There's good and bad both ways, but like you said, God knows what he's doing! Hope you are feeling well in the 2nd trimester and the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly!!!

  4. I have hypothyroidism and I understand what all those tests are but I have no idea what they mean for a pregnancy.

    I'm glad you're heading into the fun 2nd trimester and feeling better.

  5. I like to come to this site and look to see what my baby looked like and just remember him/her. wish all of you luck who are watching this sites.

  6. Congrats! Will and Megs are 19 months apart, and she was about as big of a surprise as there can be. Glad you've come to terms with everything (I know it took me a little while),and I look forward to hearing all about how baby is growing!

  7. Your amazing!!! I can only imagine how much fun it will be in your house with three!! Lord knows he gave me the most "fun" in our third!! haha!! I'm so happy for you!

  8. You're beautiful!!! I hope everything goes smoothly for you! A house full of kids - so fun!

  9. So very excited for you. As for how far you are along... I'm still convinced the doctor had our due date off by about 2 weeks. I even went into labor 2 weeks "early" and they stopped the labor, only for me to be induced a week later. Just sayin'


    Hope your nausea calms down soon, and can't wait to hear about the development of your newest little one!

  10. I am so happy for you!

    I've had a wacky thyroid for like 12 years! I take a little pill (every morning on an empty stomach) and that dose had to be doubled when I was pregnant with CJV!

    Can't wait to watch your belly grow!

  11. Aw! Congratulations!! So happy for you and your sweet family ! My two are 13 months apart. Like the other moms said, it is both wonderful and crazy at the same time.....they love on each other, tackle each other and drive ya crazy, but in a good way!!!!!!

  12. Hey! Just catching up on my regular reading... so CONGRATS!! Holy cow, you are gonna be one busy mama! :) Very happy for you. Close together or far apart, kids will ALWAYS drive you completely nuts and give you immeasurable joy, you know? So either way, it balances out. :)



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