Thursday, November 24, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving

All month I've been reading everyone's words of Thanksgiving on Facebook.  Many of my friends and family have used the whole month of November to reflect on all the blessings in their lives and share, each day, what makes them thankful.
I LOVE this idea.  I would love it even more if I would remember to do it myself. :)  So, in lieu of posting all month, I opted for listing them here.  

30 Days of Thanksgiving.  30 Ways I've Been Blessed.  30 out of a million and one gifts I've been given....

This year.....I am thankful for:

1. Eternal Salvation.  By Grace Alone.

2. A loving, supportive husband, who not only is an amazing father to our children, but ain't too bad to look at either. ;)

3. Samantha Brynn, our goofy, nurturing, little spit-fire daughter.  Small in stature with a Heart the size of Mount Everest!

4.  Cashton Randall, our huggable, snuggable, smiley son.  Never stops exploring, getting into mischief, and an appetite the size of Mount Everest! LOL!

5. Our 3rd little one, growing within.  You came as a unexpected Blessing, for sure.  The whole family is anxious to meet you!

6. Our beautiful new Home.  Just waiting to be decorated for it's first Christmas with us!

7. The health of our family.

8. Our parents....the BEST Grandparents in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!

9. Our Siblings....Uncles and Aunts that love our own children as if they were their own.

10.  Our 16 nieces and nephews....and 2 on the way :)  You fill our holidays with LOTS of joy, laughter, and chaos!

11.  My Blog family.  I've met so many good friends through this medium. True friends.  :)

12.  Friends old and new.  I may not always have enough hours in the day....or days in the week...or weeks in a month to keep in touch with all of you...but you know I love you anyway.  That's my favorite part:  Seeing friends I haven't seen in soooo long and passing time like it was yesterday.

13.  A good job.  I may not always act like it....but I am thankful for it....sometimes....

14.  Food a plenty.  Our family is never in want.

15.  Getting out of debt.....DEBT FREE by NUMBER 3!  Everything but our mortgage will be paid off before this baby is born!!!!! How GREAT is that!!!!

16.  DA Packers....Gosh, I love Da Packers.  I'd do anything for da Packers!  oh,ya...and Da Brewers too!

17. Crafts.....Sewing.....Refurbishing....pretty much anything creative.

18. Naps.

19. Our Dog....when she eats the table scraps off the floor so I don't have to clean them up myself.

20. Residual Income.  For those of you who know what I'm talking about :)

21. Aromatherapy Spa Bags...both Hot and Cold.  In Citrus and sickness and in health

22. Sweatpants

23. Breakfast Sandwiches...Sausage or Bacon, I am not picky.

24. LadyBeez Designs

25. My Co-Workers...both past and present.  You make it a little more tolerable to work without sleep...I thank you for putting up with me.

26. Everyone that puts up with me when I am less than desirable.  I am working towards a better, healthier life for me and our family.....praying that time will come soon :)

27. My camera....photographs....captured memories. :)  You make me smile.

28. ALL 4 seasons we get to experience in Wisconsin

29. Hot Apple Cider

30. Music.  All kinds.  Especially all of the Glee CDs I own that make my children happy....wonder where they picked that up from?

Remember to not only count your blessings on this day...but everyday!



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