Monday, November 7, 2011

Family Photo Shoot 2011

While I love taking the kiddos pictures every's nice to be in front of the camera every once and awhile.  Thankfully I have a gazillion friends and family members that like to snap a photo here and there!

A few weeks ago, we were blessed to have a small photo shoot with our dear, sister-in-law, Carla.  All of these photos are her handywork!

...and the idea for the matching blue plaid shirts...goes to....
Please, if you know him personally, make SURE you tell him how GREAT we all look...
he doesn't rub it in my face enough that it was his idea and I thought it might look too busy.

I can't even look at that picture of Sam giggling without a HUGE smile crossing my face!

This is completely and 100% MY IDEA....
just thought I'd share.

Moments captured to cherish FOREVER!
Thank you, Carla.  You are Amazing!

Can't stop smiling when I see my family all together.
Aren't they the Cutest?


  1. Don't tell him I told you so, but the plaid shirts really did look good. The photos are amazing!!!! I do like the quick wardrobe change at the end though. You guys are fun, and so stinkin' cute.

  2. Adorable - and although I would tend to agree that all patterns might be too busy - this works! You guys look great!! :)

  3. What great family pictures! You have a beautiful family and these shots are definitely worth framing.



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