Thursday, December 1, 2011

Countdown to Christmas: A Book a Day

I'm bringing back our "Advent" Countdown that we started last year.
I originally got the idea from The Idea Room....FATASTIC blog name, don't ya think?

The object is: 25 books, 25 days until Christmas:  Wrap Up each book and everyday you get to Unwrap a "NEW" Book and read it! 

Great thing about this:  Um, 25 PRESENTS!!!! They are completely reusable next year!  And if you are like us, and are TOO flippin' busy during the month of we were last year....and didn't open all the books, even Mom & Dad can be surprised at what book you open each day!

Most of our books I've picked up at Thrift Shops....and as time goes on, I we get "Better" books, I'm gonna swap them out.  A few are Baby Board I'm thinking at some point the kids might get a little board with those.

We have some Classics: "The Night Before Christmas", "How the Grinch Stole Christmas", "The Polar Express"  and my favorites about the TRUE Meaning of Christmas  "A Room for the Little One", "The Crippled Lamb", "The Shepherd's Gift"....................and "Merry Christmas Stinky Face!"

I actually thought by this year I'd have all 25 books....turns out I don't. :(  OOPS!  Guess I'll start from 25 and count my way back again.....maybe our Advent will start on Dec. 6th.....

What are some of YOUR Favorite Christmas Books?  Maybe I can keep an eye out for some goodies this year!


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  1. Coming from Mama Kat's workshop today...

    WOW! I love books. And I especially love reading them and giving them to my kids. Of course mine a little too big for this activity but... TeenBoy has about 10 on his christmas list, of which he will get a few for Christmas and some for his birthday next week. Even SIX and BratChild have asked for books this year... and SIX never wanted to read anything unless it had the word Underpants in the title before... Thank goodness for The Outsiders and required 8th grade reading!

    My favorite christmas book... not sure I have one but the original Twas the Night Before Christmas is up there... right next to Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer...:)
    Have a great day and enjoy your Advent Books!

  2. I've seen this idea a couple times now (but all this year), and I love it. What a great idea.

  3. This really sounds like a wonderful way to countdown!

  4. OH! I love this idea! I have so many Christmas books. I usually just put them out, but I'm LOVING this idea! Thanks for sharing. :) Stopped by from Mama Kat's WW.

  5. We are doing this again too. Thanks to you sharing it last year, it was a big hit!! I decided to go until January 1st this year...I wrapped up some Kwanza and Winter books to make it until New Years day. I thought it might be fun to still have presents to open after Christmas Day :)

  6. As we are a bunch of bibliophiles up in here, that is SUCH a great idea!!! If I didn't think our local Goodwill and Used Book Stores weren't probably slap out of Holiday books at this point, I would be doing this idea as well!

  7. There's a Christmas Stinky Face book?!?!?! The regular one is one of Will's absolute favorites. Amazon here I come.

  8. Darn I wish I new about the 25 book idea back when my kids were young. I love POLAR EXPRESS. I first heard the story when I was in one of my kids classroom as a room mom. The teacher read it and then gave all the kids bells. So sweet!

  9. Advent with Christmas story books... what a great idea! My toddler isn't into listening to stories yet (although I try) but I hope by next year he will be. This would make a great family tradition. I'll start collecting now in thrift stores. Thanks for the idea!



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