Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Photo Flashback

I'm gonna do something new this week.  I realize I haven't been blogging much about our family's day-to-day.  It's so busy to get it all in!  So this week is the first installment of Sunday's Photo Flashback.
A glimpse of what our week was like...mainly for friends and family that like to see what we've been up to....who knows, maybe I'll make it a weekly ritual? 

Last weekend we had Christmas on Randizzle's side of the family....we even had a SPECIAL SURPRISE visitor:

He had Sam immediately when he walked in with Jingle Bells!
She was his biggest fan!
First one to sit on his lap, she even sat with some of her cousins to make them feel more comfortable!
This trick, however, did NOT work on Cashton.  He was happy with Mom or Dad ONLY. :)
I'll take it while I can!

Did I mention Sam LOVED meeting Santa?
This picture is TOO funny not to share.  I know Santa was talking to someone else and not really thinking "Get this kid away from me!"  Right?  I mean, Santa LOVES children!

 And Here's the 2011 "J" Family Cousin Shot:
Cracks me UP everytime I see this pic!  All the expressions are priceless!
From Left to Right: Cashton, Alix, Gabriel, Avery, Bryce, Klaire, Samantha, & Roark.
(Baby Abigail was only 9 days old, so she missed the party....but she'll make it next time...and so will 2 more babies due in 2012!)

On Wednesday, Samantha had her 1st of 3 Christmas Programs. 
This was one of my many failed attempts at getting a picture of her in front of our Tree before the show.

JINGLE HOP and JINGLE BELLS were the Songs of the Night.
I'm super excited that they recorded this.  The Jingle Hop had the WHOLE stage jumping up and down with their Jingle Bells....CUTEST THING EVER!
 She had a BLAST!

What's Christmas without Cookies?
Yesterday before Church we all decorated Cookies....
 Well, Daddy, Mommy and Sam decorated....Cashton just stole cookies and sprinkles and ate them


Sunday School Christmas Program was Amazing!
These kids are so talented and ADORABLE!

.....the little Lord Jesus, asleep on the hay...
Not sure if they were suppose to do actions to Away in a Manger or not....Sam did. :)

Hope you have a BLESSED Christmas WEEK!
Can't wait for all the Christmas activities we have planned for this week :)
best picture we could get, Cashton's an escapee


  1. Such fun!! And Sam's dress is adorable!!

  2. Busy weekend! Such cute photos, I love the cousin shot.

  3. I love you and your family. That is all. Carry on.

  4. Great pix! Hope you had an amazing week! Love, Grandma



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