Monday, January 23, 2012

Make your Own Growth Chart

I meant to make this for Cashton for his 1st birthday.....well, that didn't happen.
I did, however, get it done for Christmas....then, it turns out, he got one for a gift as well. (Thank you!)

Guess his growth will be well documented LOL!

This was one of 3 wooden projects I made as gifts for Christmas.  Funds being a little tight around the holidays...the scrap wood piles at our local hardware store was a GOLD MINE for me :)
I wanted this to be 4 feet in length, and although it's a little bit wider than what I envisioned, I'm quite happy with it.  (can't beat a gift under $5!)

Also, my original plan was to paint deer along the side of it....I started with one deer head, promptly got frustrated with myself, and went with a tree.  Still goes with the Theme of Cash's MODeern Room, though. Plus I got to use the leftover paint that I used on his walls ;)

Simple project, get your measuring tape out, and mark the inch marks and feet marks....and paint away!
Most difficult part of this task:  Getting your 16 month old to stand still for 3 secoonds so you can measure him:

There it is: 2 1/2 feet on 1/20/12

Grandma even snuck in there to see if she's shrunk grown any...we didn't mark it, but LOOK she's still over 5 feet!  Go Mom!

"Hmmm.....wonder if I'll ever get to the top of that tree?"

Keep Growing, Buddy!

 and because he was such an uncooperative subject during this task....
The Tickle Monster was unleashed!!!!!!!

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  1. Once again you are so creative!! I love this idea! And Cashton has such an adorable smile!! Have a great day!!

  2. Here you are encouraging him to grow, you are going to regret that one day. I am bribing mine to stop growing.

  3. We have a growth chart and it is looked at almost every year! Love your tree!



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