Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Someone wants to say HELLO...

My sister and brother seem to get a lot of face time here on this I thought I might as well introduce myself so you know that I'm here:
You may have heard a little about me from my mom....she is keeping a pretty cozy womb in here for me :)
 Today was her 20 week lots of face time for me!  WOO-HOO! 

Dr. K says I'm growing perfectly....only a few days bigger than my due date, which is still set for May 24th!  I'm excited meet everyone....but for now, I'm getting LOTS of exercise in here, twirling and kicking...and punching, keeping up my cardio....

Did I mention kicking?  I LOVE to stretch out my legs!  Hopefully mom will have some BeezLegz ready for me for when I arrive so these babies can stay nice and warm:

I hear Samantha talking to me all the time....she really likes to play "Peek-a-Boo"! So, I've been practicing...
YOU TOO, CASHTON!  You two are Crazy!  We are gonna have SO much FUN!  Mommy & Daddy are NOT gonna know what hit 'em! hehehehe
I suppose you're wondering what else I've doing in here:
  Well, I'm practicing for my future in showbiz...

and I've been keeping up with DA Packers!  You know they are going to win the SUPERBOWL again, right? 

Alright, I suppose I should get a lot to do today.  :)  Mama will be back tomorrow and tell you all about how she's been doing.  And give you a view from the outside.

Until next time....which will be in 4 weeks (another growth ultrasound because my sister was so little, they just want to make sure I'm growing)  Oh, and I never did tell you if I was a BOY or a GIRL....


  1. Baby #3 has Cash's smile! How precious :)

  2. I love this! And I was totally NOT fooled ... I knew there wouldn't be a gender reveal! And I like it that way :)

  3. So I don't remember if you find out and don't share or if you don't find out?! :) Regardless I am just thrilled that the little one is healthy and growing!

  4. You are so funny!

  5. you make me smile! Love the pics :)



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