Sunday, February 5, 2012

24 weeks

Have you ever actually eaten a Papaya?
I mean, like, a real one?
I've had it in smoothies....and shampoos....and candy, but
I've never actually eaten a fresh papaya.

Just thinking....
I bet it's yummy.

AnyWho, that's what the size of Baby #3 is estimated at 24 weeks.
and here's what the little Papaya looks like from the outside:

I can't really explain what it's like to suddenly feel VERY pregnant one day.  It seems like I just woke up after my half-way mark and BAM!  PREGGO!  I feel huge.  I waddle.  I'm either STARVING!  Or I feel so Full I could expolde at any moment.  Sudden blood rushes to my head when I stand up too quickly, HEARTBURN, and a touch of exhaustion....but, hey, other than that, We're Feeling GREAT!

My 24 week Check-up is on Wednesday, and we'll have more Ultrasound Pics--as they continue to monitor the growth of #3 closely. 
It's not like I can forget he/she is in there though.  This one likes to dance around just as much as Thing 1 and Thing 2, who, by the way, are completely enamored by my belly.
SLOPPY Kisses and Snuggles ALL DAY!
Hope to get some pics of that soon! :)

1 comment:

  1. Awww about thing 1 and 2...mine never cared about my belly, LOL

    someone is going to have a head full of hair.



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