Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Quilt Square

For those of you that think that Leap Day is something that happens every four years to correct for the 1/4 of a rotation that the Earth makes every year.....I have to tell you, you have been mis-informed.
It really is God's personal gift to me because I need an extra day now and then.
Oh, you're can enjoy it too!

On this last and final day of February, I realized that I never showed you the quilt square I made.
You remember the project I started almost a year ago.....skipped a few months....then made one and skipped a bunch more?
Well, just cuz I haven't made one since September, I'm not giving up!

I got February's done!  WOOHOO!

Here's hoping for a valiant effort in May!

1 comment:

  1. and here I thought leap day was one day in great while when women are supposed to ask a man to marry them

    btw, love the square...did you see, I attempted a quilt



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