Monday, February 6, 2012

More DIY Growth Chart Ideas

This past weekend we celebrated 4 birthdays in our family....and when I say "WE" I mean, Randy and the kiddos went to 2 FUN parties while I stayed home and slept :)

I really felt horrible not attending, but I worked night shift all weekend and my poor preggo body can't function on less sleep than I normally get.  :(

After posting about Cashton's Growth chart, I had a request for some growth charts for 2 of our nephews and 1 of our nieces.

The first one (The very BOY BLUE version) is for 2 brothers to share and compare....with an added foot to grow by request of mom & dad.  ;)

The second is as GIRLY as you can Get!  Pink and Flowery and oh so Sweet!

Hope they liked them....and will enjoy tracking their growth for YEARS to come!

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  1. after you posted the first one i asked tom to cut a piece of wood in our basement so i could make one for our future baby... still waiting. BUT, once he gets it cut i plan on making a growth chart that looks like an old ruler. so excited! thanks for the inspiration brit :)




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