Monday, February 13, 2012

V-day PJs

Today was one of Samantha's Valentine's Day Party....and it just happened to be a Pajama Party too!  Funny thing is, I was meaning to make some PJs for the kids.
This gave me the perfect excuse!

I picked up some soft flannel at Joann's for 2.99/yd.......and I only needed 3/4yd for Sam and 1/2 for Cash.

The matching top was a plain shirt she already had, and I just embellished it to match :)

She was pretty excited!

 The pants were made by using a pair of pants she already had as a pattern.
Of course, if you'd like a more comprehensive tutorial, Dana has got it all for you over at Made. :)  She's got it all laid out for you!


  1. Cute! And thank you for putting her in pants. It disturbs me to see little girls in school in nightgowns- even with shorts. They are thin and see-through and just inappropriate. IMHO.



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